In a jam? Here’s how to unjam your garbage disposal…

1. Problem: The power switch is on but there’s no sound.
Solution: Press the reset button, usually on the bottom of the unit.

2. Problem: The unit hums when the switch is turned on.
Solution: The grinding chamber plate is hung up. Turn off the power switch to the unit. Shine a light into the unit, look at the perimeter of the grinding plate and remove any stuck or hard obstructions. Press the reset button, turn on the power switch. ALWAYS BE SURE your hands are out of the chamber BEFORE turning the unit back on.

3. Problem: The unit still hums after the above step.
Solution: Use the anti-jam wrench to manually rotate chamber in either direction. When you can turn grinding plate with the wrench in the bottom, it should start and run.

If your unit does not have a place at the bottom of the center to put the anti-jam wrench or “hex” Allen wrench, you can use a big flat head screw driver or plumber’s friend handle to manually turn the chamber. If after trying the above steps you have no resolution, please give us a call and we’ll be happy to come out and get it running again.