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Toilet: Fresh & Clean But Be Forewarned…

Bleach-Chlorine toilet tabletsBleach-Chlorine tablets that are put in the tank to freshen and clean your toilet will damage gaskets and seals and cause them to leak. Worst of all, when they dissolve they get to a smaller size and then float into the flushing mechanism restricting water from creating the power flush required to remove waste from the toilet causing clogging and other problems.

Use of in-tank cleaners or bleach tablets will void the warranty on new toilets, various manufacturers state:

“This warranty DOES NOT COVER any damages caused by the use of in-tank cleaners or bleach tablets. These products can seriously corrode the fittings in the tank. This damage can cause leakage and property damage.”

Another toilet issue is use of disposable personal hygiene cloths to freshen and clean with. Most are not biodegradable and cloth build up in the drain will clog the toilet eventually.

The best solution is to manually clean the bowl with cleaner and a brush and to properly dispose of the cloths in the trash. Yes, it’s not as easy but you’ll save yourself from having to call us to repair and unclog your toilet.

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