drainWhy are Fats, Oil and Grease a problem for a drain?

Grease hardens at room temperature and can cause blockages in home plumbing pipes and even overflows in your home or yard. These substances also cause clogging in the Public Utilities collections system.

Where does grease come from?

Restaurants, apartment buildings, schools, homes, churches, condominiums, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, food processing plants and anywhere cooking occurs. Grease is a byproduct of cooking and comes from things like: meat fats, cooking oil, shortening, dairy products, lard, food scrapes, baking goods, sauces, butter and margarine.

Why should you care?

Grease related problems can cause sewage backups and overflows that are messy, costly and a potential threat to your health and the environment. That is why we want to help customers stop problems associated with grease before they occur.


  • Never pour grease down the drain or toilet.
  • Scrape grease and food scrapes from dishes and cookware into trash or garbage can.
  • Empty sink strainer into trash or garbage can.
  • Don’t put grease into your garbage disposal.
  • Wipe cookware and dishware into trash can prior to washing.
  • Clean kitchen exhaust filters routinely.
  • Talk with friends and neighbors about the grease problem so that the community is aware of the risk.

This information brought to you by: Franklin County Public Utilities, Franklinton, NC

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