free-flowing waterEnjoy free-flowing water again! Easy cleaning for showerheads and faucet aerators: unscrew the showerhead from the shower arm. Fill a bowl with equal parts water and white vinegar and submerge the showerhead. Let the head sit overnight in the water-white vinegar solution to allow the mineral deposits to break down. Rinse the showerhead thoroughly, brushing off mineral deposits on the spray tips with a toothbrush, if necessary. Reinstall shower head. Voila – free-flowing water again!

Turn the faucet aerator housing counterclockwise by hand. Wrap electrical tape around the jaws of some pliers, if difficult to remove. The tape pads the pliers, preventing any damage to the aerator housing. Use the pliers to remove the housing. Be sure to catch the housing as it falls and set aside. Pour enough white vinegar into a bowl to fully submerge each of the aerator parts. Disassemble the aerator inside the housing carefully so you can remember how to put the parts back together. Submerge the parts in the vinegar. Allow the parts to remain in the vinegar for one hour or overnight. Remove the parts from the vinegar and rinse with water. Observe whether any mineral deposits remain on the aerator screen. If so, straighten a paper clip and use it to clear any clogged holes in the screen, rinse again. Reassemble the aerator and reinstall onto the faucet.

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